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Asphalt Maintenance and Repair

Just like how your car requires routine maintenance to keep it going, so do your asphalt and your tennis courts. Overtime, cracks, chips and other forms of wear can ruin the strength and cohesion of your parking lots and asphalt surfaces, meaning costly repairs or even replacement down the line. Regularly scheduling maintenance checks for these surfaces can save you a lot of money and headache down the road, and there’s no better time than now to give your asphalt a checkup.

Since 1970, Coatings, Inc. has been the Front Range’s go-to asphalt maintenance and repair company. We’ve proven ourselves as the most qualified and most trustworthy people in the business year over year, so much so that we’ve become Denver’s longest-lived asphalt maintenance company. But despite how long we’ve been around, we intend to stick around a while longer. If you’d like to be the next satisfied customer in a long list of satisfied customers, get in touch with us today for a free asphalt maintenance estimate.

Our most popular services include:

Crack Seal: Crack sealing is the most important first step in maintaining an asphalt pavement, but is often the most overlooked. All cracks in concrete or asphalt surfaces can rapidly turn into major hazards. Water seeps into the subsurface; it freezes, thaws, and refreezes causing the subsoil to expand and contract. Soon the area around the crack rapidly deteriorates and what could have been a small maintenance step has turned into a costly repair project.

Infrared Repair: Infrared asphalt repair is a method of blending new hot-mix asphalt with heated existing asphalt to create a joint-free patch. Our technologically advanced equipment uses infrared wavelengths to heat asphalt pavement without a direct flame, thereby, keeping the essential binding agents of the pavement intact. The many situations where infrared repair can be advantageous includes: potholes, utility cuts, and high/low areas.

Seal Coat: Seal coat is used to extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs of asphalt pavements. It protects such pavements from the destructive effects of water, sunlight, oxidation, fuels, and oils. In addition, seal coat provides a distinctive new looking surface that is skid resistant, long lasting and easy to clean.

Tennis Courts: Our experience in the tennis court repair/construction industry allows us to provide services that are designed to meet the needs of all court owners. From minor crack repair, and asphalt overlays to the most advanced synthetic and cushion courts, we are prepared to provide the best alternative for each owner.

For more information regarding our services, please reach out to our office by calling (303) 225-7652.