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Cutting-edge technology likely isn’t something you’d attribute to asphalt repair, but infrared asphalt repairs are just that. Just like how technology is rapidly evolving in practically every industry, technology is also evolving in the world of asphalt, and infrared asphalt repair is just one of this industry’s latest evolutions – and one we’re proud to offer at Coatings, Inc.

This advanced, yet affordable asphalt patching solution involves the use of powerful lights and the addition of new material. First, new asphalt is added to the area that needs patching, then our mobile infrared applicator superheats the newly-poured material. Once superheated, the new asphalt melds with the old seamlessly to form one uniform surface. The result is a like-new surface that, aside from the color difference, is indistinguishable from a freshly-poured, intact blacktop – no bumps, no dips, no raised surfaces, nothing aside from a perfectly flat surface.

But the benefits of infrared asphalt repair don’t stop there. Not only does infrared treatment create an element-tight surface atop the treated area, preventing damage from wind, water, and so on, but the infrared asphalt repair process itself is highly streamlined and efficient – we’ll be able to get the job done, with minimal material costs, and in short order, guaranteed. Additionally, infrared repairs means a quick asphalt maintenance-to-traffic readiness turnaround. Usually, your asphalt will be ready for regular use within the hour, or even as little as 20 minutes. You can even rest assured that your infrared-treated asphalt won’t need additional treatment until far into the future, as infrared-cured asphalt forms a strong, crack-preventing bond between itself and the pre-existing surface.

Suited For A Wide Range of Asphalt Repairs

Infrared asphalt repair isn’t just innovative, it’s versatile. Owing to its highly efficient compromise between the equipment and new material, infrared repairs are viable for clients of all sizes. Not only does an infrared treatment require less new asphalt, meaning lower material costs, but the mobility of our truck-bound infrared applicator means we can infrared treat almost anywhere.

infrared asphalt repairs

If your needs are residential in nature, like an old driveway that’s seen some wear and tear, we’ve got you covered. Our infrared techniques will leave your driveway feeling like it did when it was fresh – and for far, far cheaper than the alternative other asphalt companies may recommend total replacement. Where a total replacement may carry a price tag as big as five digits, infrared repair can be done for just a fraction of that.

Or if your needs are commercial in nature, like a pothole-riddled parking lot, we’ve got you covered there too. Infrared asphalt repairs are great for repairing potholes and large cracks in asphalt. With minimum downtime and a seamless, affordable result is needed, infrared asphalt repairs could be perfect for you. When your surface serves a high volume of traffic and serves that volume often, you need as little downtime as possible, and infrared makes that downtime shorter than any other repair solution. With infrared repairing, entire sections of a parking lot can go from patchy and rough to fixed and ready-for-use within a couple of hours.

Where You Can Use Infrared

Thanks to its speed and versatility, infrared asphalt repair are perfect for a variety of fixes, including:

  • Perfect for pothole repairs. No matter how many there are or how deep, infrared will make it feel like they never existed.
  • Utility cuts. Once utility maintenance crews have wrapped up their repairs, we’ll step in to seamlessly patch up the road back up.
  • Uneven pavement. Whether you are repairing a parking lot, commercial property, or any other blacktop surface, you can count on our infrared capabilities to make your pavement smooth once again.
  • Seam patching. If you have gaps around installations in your asphalt, like near storm drains or speed bumps, infrared patching may be just the thing for you. With only minimal material, we’ll come in and make those gaps vanish, making for a much smoother driving experience.

Infrared repairs are just one of the many things we do here at Coatings, Inc., and it’s just one of the ways we combine cutting-edge technology and excellent service for our customers. To find out more about our infrared repair services, please contact our office at call (303) 423-4303 today!