Asphalt Crack Seal

Asphalt Crack Seal is the First Step In Asphalt Maintenance

Just like every outdoor surface, asphalt begins to wear with time. With wear comes a whole host of issues and imperfections – cracks, chips, fading colors, gradual erosion, and so on. It’s an inevitability, but the good news is that there’s hope – modern asphalt repair techniques are able to not only for repair but for future-proofing and making it able to withstand the elements for many years to come. We at Coatings, Inc., with our decades of experience in the asphalt repair field, know just how to make your damaged asphalt whole again – and how to make it stay that way.

Sealing up cracks in your asphalt is the first, best way to fix up your surface. Left unchecked, cracks in your asphalt will only continue to grow, and the damage will only continue to worsen. With time, the cost of repairing them will only go up – it’s best to patch up those cracks now, before they become a real problem. The earlier you seal the cracks, the longer its life will be, making crack sealing at the first signs of damage the best way to maintain long term durability of your pavement.

Cracks are the first sign of bigger problems to come – that is, if you don’t take action. Cracks are indicative of weakened structure within your pavement, and with time, weathering and constant pressure from cars and pedestrians, cracks can quickly turn into potholes, depressions, or worse.

When To Crack-Seal Your Asphalt

Asphalt Crack Seal

Crack sealing is ideal for pavement that is starting to show its first signs of wear. These usually manifest in small cracks and fissures that may run the length of your pavement. For crack sealing to be the most effective solution, these cracks must not be any wider than approximately 1.5 inches, and wider than an eighth of an inch. Be aware that, while some companies may offer to crack-seal cracks larger than 1.5 inches, that isn’t the recommended course of action, and can result in unsound and unprofessional- looking repairs. For greatest effect, schedule repairs for any crack that’s greater than 1/8 inches in width, and regularly inspect your asphalt for any new cracks.

While crack sealing is an effective safeguard against continued damage and widening cracks, it isn’t a permanent fix. Over the course of years, cracks may continue to develop beneath a layer of crack sealant, meaning continued damage to your asphalt. This is normal and expected, and will happen with any asphalt repair solution, however it’s still recommended that you check your surface for damage every few years to ensure no new or major damage is occurring.

The Best Company for Crack Sealing

At Coatings, Inc., we have a wide variety of proven, high-quality crack sealants and other pavement patching solutions. Our time-tested materials and expertise mean we’re your best source for crack sealing in Denver, and that we’ll do your job quicker, and you’ll enjoy smooth, flawless asphalt for longer.

If you’re in need of an asphalt repair or checkup, get in touch with Coatings, Inc. today. Repairing your surfaces by yourself can be a huge hassle; let our technicians take that hassle of your hands instead. We can even set up regular maintenance visits to keep your surfaces in perfect shape far into the future.

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